Testimonials about Silas 

…benefiting hugely from HeartMath


Silas, I have been benefiting hugely from HeartMath! Visualizing my heart breathing has been tremendous in relaxation for me. Thank you for the gift of knowledge.  


Terri Brunner

…brings a sense of “oneness”

I’ve had the opportunity to learn about HeartMath from Silas, and it is my pleasure to recommend both Silas and this technique. Even if you are familiar with meditation and deep breathing, this is a new method that, for me, brings a sense of “oneness” with the universe more quickly, allowing me to use it as a relaxation technique during times of heightened stress or sleeplessness. It is also great for an easy boost prior to a presentation or before making that difficult phone call, and it can be done inconspicuously, so no-one needs to know you are finding your Zen! 

Tina Langton

Boy, was that inspiring! 

Silas is a great instructor for Heart Math. After he first introduced me to HeartMath, I knew I wanted to learn more. Boy, was that inspiring! There is some serious scientific method and research behind this methodology. What’s impressed me the most is that Silas is such a kind, humble, and real person that he makes it so easy to learn. Silas has done a couple of demonstrations in groups I’ve been involved in, including in one of my group wellness coaching groups. The people in those sessions had immediate results from the calming techniques, and weeks later, people are still using the techniques and talking about it with others. I love that it helps people, myself included, create a calm and peaceful reunion with our intuition. If you feel anxious or consumed by worry or anger, I highly recommend you check out Silas’ Heart Math workshop. 


Elaine O’Keefe, LSW, NBC-HWC


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